Hello and Welcome!

I am so glad you found me, and I am looking forward to getting to know you. My name is Olga. I am a working wife and a mom to my 4-year-old sweet little girl. I am a Christian, continually growing and learning at the feet of Jesus. I am originally from Russia but have been living in Virginia for the past 20 years. 

For the past few years, I have had a growing desire help other women to get healthier through a program that helped me. I am continuing the journey of health every day and now obsessed with Reishi, Ganoderma Coffee which already had a positive healing effect on me personally. 

My journey started long before I had my daughter when I learned that I couldn't have a baby, struggling with PCOS, depression and anxiety, headaches, and fatigue. I was put on a medication which got me to the ER with excruciating pain, I have never experienced before. That night my husband and I decided that if God would allow us to have a baby, it will happen naturally. I got off the birth control and for the next 7 years, we did nothing to prevent the pregnancy.  When I finally got pregnant, by doctor said that my body is trying to reject my baby. 

By God's grace she was born at 4 weeks. We couldn't be happier of her arrival. Every day we thank God for sending such precious and beautiful gift. 

After we came home, I struggled with breastfeeding, gained a lot of weight, and couldn't stop eating. My dear friend offered a coaching program for breastfeeding moms which provides a holistic weigh loss while breastfeeding. I was 186 lbs. when I started.

Losing 50 pounds in 5 months was such a great accomplishment. 

The thing was that I wasn't eating unhealthy, I just ate way too much. I remember I wanted healthy comfort foods and I just couldn't stop and go for seconds and thirds. I look back now and am grateful for my friend, her advice, support, encouragement and her shoulder to lean on. 

You can learn more about the program on the Home page, just scroll down to Optavia and find the link there, or contact me, I will answer your questions and get started.  I am looking forward to being your coach and help you achieve your goals.